Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Headhunting made easy using Web 2.0

The quintessential technique of writing to share information in relevant media and fora has finally come of age.

Online Communities, networking sites and online blogs are the latest resource pool being used by headhunters for recruitment. A large number of Manpower Consulting Firms are now actively browsing these sites to secure the right candidates.

As people participate in online forums and discussions, their talent comes to the fore ; also key knowledge areas are exhibited, henceforth giving the recruiters greater insight into the right people for the job.

Similarly, organisational blogs also play a pivotal role.They give a good peep into the culture present in an organisation and hence help the recruiter build a path between a prospective employee and the organisation

Many organisations like Baxter India are also using Video Conferencing through Reliance Web world to connect to faraway geographical regions,and not only reducing the talent hunt cost substantially, but also streamline the recruitment process by carefully evaluating the body language of the interviewee.


Hiren said...

Blogs do give an insight into the person or the organization. It should not be long before a few jobs revolve around blogs.

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Santosh Puthran said...

It is better to keep your www.linkedin.com profile updated and start networking with people. This is one of the ways to get headhunted.

I saw a new website http://in.yellojobs.com/ with Web 2.0 features.


Santosh Puthran
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