Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attrition:Are the good ones leaving?

As people make career choices and leave their current workplaces to explore newer horizons, one tends to think...who are the people who are leaving-the good ones ar the average workers?

A bit of research into the same shows that average workers are broadly content working in a routine kind of an atmosphere with the same roles to perform over and over.Besides as time elapses, they build a resistance to change and the 'fear of the unknown' stops them from contemplating any change in their careers.
So...seeing it from that angle, it is the good people who are lets see..

Why do good people leave?

1.People get stifled 'coz of insufficient growth avenues.
For instance how do you grow in an organisation where the designations above you are already booked by aging people who plan to probably retire from the same seat!!!

2.Monotony on the job profile leading to boredom.
Can we all eat the same food everyday? Besides what happens if the juniors and seniors have the same job profiles....

3.More potential than the current organsation can use..
In times when value addition at the job is what people look forward if they end up doing work below their current potential, there is no alternative but to move..

4.Excellent career prospects outside the current job.
This goes without saying...simple career management tactics...

5.Money...not necessarily
Unless the difference is stupendous!!!

6.Some reason for conflict at the current work place.
If one is capable and opportunities abound..then who wants to stay in an unfavourable work environment?

Hence, if organisations are interested in checking attrition of the good employees, maybe they could sit back and analyse which of the above factors is causing the departure!!!

After all a trained, processed employee is anyday better than a new raw material ,who has to start afresh with the induction process day one!!!


Satyam Arora said...

Hi Vandana,

While u have focussed your energies on the "GOOD" performers , and rightly so, however, its time that we also start looking at the "not so good, but steady performers" and ensure that they too do not get lured by other organisations or get demotivated to work in their current profiles.

Hiren said...

Though our shastras say that sukshama(subtle,subjective)is more powerful than sthula(gross, objective) which implies that one should study the individual and his aspirations whether in school or companies, it is rarely done and people start crying when there is sudden attrition. Peop;le's perceptions should be monitored all the time and responded to.

Siva Rajendran said...

Nice post

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