Thursday, July 31, 2008

Corporate Blogging Series VI-Indian Corporate Blogs

The latest addition to corporate blogs in India, after Infosys ,Tata Interactive Systems Ltd., and Frito Layis the Indian auto giant Mahindra and Mahindra.

Named the Mahindra Universe, the blog revolves around 4 thought processes-
Customer Centricity

With respect to Customer Centricity, the blog says-

Mahindra aims for a long-term engagement with its customers and encourages customer loyalty and advocacy by responding to their changing needs and expectations speedily, courteously and effectively. Engaged customers ensure a business of sustained and profitable growth.

With about 30 posts in a 3 month time span, it will be interesting to follow the usage of the blog by the organisation.


Priyanka said...

Hi Vandana,

Thanks for writing about Mahindra Universe on your blog, we really appreciate it.
It would be great to have your views on it and also your suggestions.

Vandana said...

Priyanka, I congratulate your organisation on the new blogging endeavour. Have mailed you my thoughts at

Amit said...

Good to see some corporate blogs around. There is one by HCL too.

The FritoLay one looks similar to this blog :-).
Would it not be better if it is branded appropriately?