Sunday, August 17, 2008

Corporate 2.0

Over 35 examples of organisations using social media to build consumer engagement
35+ Examples....

Apple, Kodak and Sony are other corporates which could have made it to the list.


tom said...

Thanks, Tom from Kodak here. We have been blogging since September of 2006 and also use Twitter, facebook, YouTube, flickr, del.ici.ous, and i-Tunes for podcasts I think I would agree with your assessment that we should be on that list! ;-) Cheers, tom

Priyanka said...

Apple isn't exactly into Corp blogging right? It just started the Mobile ME blog quite recently and to alleviate the grieved customers :) so why do you think they should be on that list??

Vandana said...

Dear Priyanka,
A corporate blog is just an online space which a company uses to put forward their point of view while hoping that consumers will be subscribing/gaining access to the organisational point of view.For all practical purposes the Apple endeavour had the makings of a corporate blog-one with lesser no. of interactive features.
Corporate blogging is fast emerging as a consumer redressal and engagement tool as well!!!

Priyanka said...

Ya but they have now actually shut down the blog! "Corporate blogging is fast emerging as a consumer redressal and engagement tool AS WELL!!!"
But in Apples case it was ONLY used as a consumer redressal tool.

I don't deny that it was still a good initiative to take under the circumstance of the mobile me's technical faults! But I frankly don't see it at par with other corporate blogs which are a long term initiative and hence they would require a different strategy behind them. So I just don't think that they can be put together.

:) I don't know if I sound to boisterous but just trying to discuss and thus understand your post.

vandana said...

Dear Priyanka,
Apple's corporate blog ending up as a lame attempt is no had come under scrutiny and criticism from several quarters. Absence of the 'comments ' feature and the anonymous posts obviously were too big aspects to be ignored. However, the objective behind the endeavour which was to address unhappy consumers cannot be ignored.
'Engagement with a consumer can occur as early as when a consumer consumes content generated about a product or service.'
With respect to Apple's attempt making it to the list, well at the end of a day it was an Apple foray into the world of corporate social media!!! It's inability to survive and for that matter the status of a few other corporate social media endeavours over the upcoming days is a matter of another discussion.