Friday, October 24, 2008

Keywords and content attractiveness

Having the right keywords for your blog-

Keywords are words you need to have on your blog that search engines look for as they crawl through your site, helping them categorize your blog’s content. They obviously are also the words people type into a search engine and need to be on a blog to help it appear in the search results.

That's the premise of internet marketing.......

As I sprinkled the right keywords, through a set of posts on my blog to aid categorisation, a post on the 4 C's of marketing, placed over 15 months back, surprisingly has garnered the highest volume of hits. The ability of the most basic concept of Marketing to generate that volume of interest on the internet as a medium, is interesting to note.

Food for thought:The correlation between keywords and ability to generate content attractiveness in a corporate blog would be interesting to look at.


BizBlogged1 said...

The truth is that both are complementary to securing the best business advantages. One cannot trigger success without the other.

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Phoenix said...

Well, I would just like to add a strategy (that I made myself) to improve Google search listing of my own blog! My blog (dotasecrets) is about a real time strategy game DOTA where I write about "facts of game which people don't know".
Now because people have no clue of these "facts", they don't even search for it!
Thoughtfully, I changed my blog keywords according to Google Suggestions and added some content to match the same. This impoved my search listing and visitors developed a 'hunger' for my content! :)
I know my English is not good but whatever... :D