Monday, September 25, 2006

Article Marketing-Drive traffic to your website.

The quintessential technique of writing to create content which satisfies the reading urges of a large number of people waiting to devour quality stuff has fast evolved into an excellent marketing tool.

Creating an article about one's product and services and making it interesting enough for people to click on to read is a tactic which was part of journalism for ages, but the reach of the internet as a self-effacing medium has evolved this into a serious Marketing tool spanning humongous potential.

As more and more online communities and networking sites, along with Social Groups emerge on the scene, ready space is available for a marketer to share details about his product. Online visibility coupled with e-commerce diminishing boundaries for product sourcing, is fast becoming proportional to product growth.

With rampant interlinking between sites and people just clicking from one site to another, information needs to be eye-catching and hard hitting.This automatically increases site traffic and is a low cost marketing techniques.

All one needs to do is-

1.Choose a title that has the right keywords.The most popular key words are obviously the most happening, but in all probability, your article may end up at the bottom of such a search.So,maybe it may be slightly more beneficial to include a one-odd different and interesting key word.

2.Choose a title that is interesting, intriguing-slightly mysterious.

3.For starters try coupling your article with the most-read topics...for instance if you are writing about a Human-Resource Software, talk about the most happening HR practices first and then couple your product details with the same.

4.Try not to make your article very lengthy.

5.Make sure the Author-Resource Box has all relevant information leading to you, the product, relevant website and at the same time is not a huge personal biography.

6.Monitor traffic to your product website through the articles to evaluate the success of your article. This learning-by doing approach will automatically shape your article writing technique. ( Inbound linkages to your site can be tracked by using a backlink checker like or

7.And remember, quality is better than quantity.

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