Thursday, September 07, 2006

Object Centred Sociality

This is a real heavy term which caught my attention as i carried on researching the reach and impact of social and business networks...

The essence of my exploration is...........people connect with other people not only for the sake of connecting...they need to have something in it a some common object or objective or interest....something that creates a kinship...something that generates a desire to associate, share and for that matter, keep associated....

Dont we all relate better with people who agree with us...people who are part of our immediate environments....who are affected by what affects us....cohesion results as people tend to garner support for their ideas and beliefs,as also benefit from those around. Infact we identify best with people who support our ideas or are instrumental in helping us achieve our objectives and goals.

The keypoint here is....when the common objects breakdown, the social network breaks down too.

That is the reason we have to make use of alumni associations...ex-employee keep in touch...and generate a common platform for posts are also one such object of sociality......most of these networks cease to be functional when the commonness erodes. is a very good example of 'object centred sociality'....a network of individuals brought together by the common 'object'---the desire to learn, share knowledge, ideas and maybe in some way, be useful to each other....A key point here,obviously is Ajay who keeps adding to the 'object' by posting information on useful events,seminars,links,...the works..............hope more and more people keep adding to the "object " and stay connected!!!!

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